Thursday, 7 February 2008

Obama Style

Obama's web background image

Was just flitting about the US Presidential candidates' websites and noticed that a lot of effort has gone into Obama's site. Much more than Clinton's or McCain's. Gives a nice flavour for where the different candidates are focussing their energies. Obama's with its clean design, open spaces, lens flare and misty ocean spray effect speaks to a more design-savvy younger type. The others are just busier and clunkier, like an e-commerce site from a few years back. In fact, just found the New York Times have gone so/too far as to voice this difference with that increasingly popular personality assay, your computer orientation. Obama as Mac, Hillary as PC.

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Melting the Iceman said...

If Obama is the sleek, modern, and trendy Mac, then Clinton is certainly the establishment, office-space PC
running on Windows '98.

But where does this leave the Republicans?

Huckabee is the old school Smith Premier typewriter that is probably still used in some of his southern constituent classrooms.

Romney however, is a Blackberry. Slick new toy that rapidly loses appeal. Preserve of the departure lounge showoff.

McCain? Tricky. A gadget that is old yet new; and is aged, yet easily re-born. A contraption that like him, gets straight to the point ...

McCain is a sharpened HB pencil writing on a piece of foolscap.

Analogous reasoning can be fun, but it can be taken too far in the pursuit of a witty headline...