Friday, 22 February 2008

Great opening credits

Often the opening credits get forgotten, what with the focus on the show's content. Yet the best have a way of immediately transporting you into the show's world. Here are a few of my favourites, in no particular order...

Beautiful mix of Da Vinci-style medical drawings, flyovers and human body CG set against Massive Attack's brilliant Teardrop.

The morning routine suffused with graphic and chilling homicide allusions.

Suburban conformity set against Malvina Reynold's Little Boxes (after Season One each new episode uses a different cover).

Six Feet Under
I have no idea what the proper name for that first musical 'strike' is, but it alone can take me into the world of one of the best shows in history. This opening sequence is just beautiful.

Few people have heard of Darkplace. Even fewer get it. But this opening sequence is the paragon of parody and a great snapshot of the deluded, troubled genius that is Garth Marenghi.

The sweeping and unusual epic that should never have been axed.

The Office (UK)
Grey Slough.

Just like the show and its characters this sequence is eminently likeable and upbeat.

Plastic and sterile visuals coupled with The Engine Room's icy A Perfect Lie.

So this isn't the full sequence but the frazzled visuals and screechy, electronic sound are great.

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