Sunday, 27 January 2008

Witty Distortionist

Modern conceptual artists usually annoy me for dressing up their own mediocre talent with a thick layer of impentrable nonsense.

Sebastian Errazuriz, however, is neither mediocre nor content to smother his work in babble. Instead, his work is that great leveller - fun. I think it buzzes with a charming wit and a simplicity. The slightly creepy duck-light and the lego man helmet are just two examples. His website has more (but appears to be under development at the moment)

He doesnt just disort the ordinary and everyday though. In 2005, he created an illuminated crane-cum-nightlight to scare-off demons in Santiago. The year after he planted a magnolia tree smack-bang in the middle of of the same city's National Stadium, in the same place that Pinochet tortured his political foes three decades ago.

A football match was even played around it!

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