Tuesday, 29 January 2008


The film Crash may be rather pessimistic and over-wrought at times. It may also have rather too many ribbons of serendipitous connectedness running through it, tying everything and everyone neatly together. It looked like one of those hyperlink TV shows (like Lost, 24, Prison Break etc) squashed into a film. But I loved it.

Wonderfully, it's expanding out into the TV series it looked liked it had been squashed into. Leaving off from where the film finished it will go beyond the film's focus on ethnic relations and promises to reprise the original cast.

Here is a scene, which I love for packing a weighty dramatic punch. Thandie Newton and Matt Dillon's acting in both the earlier encounter (which sets up the tension for this scene) and this scene is brilliant. This is combined with Mark Isham's emollient score (the piece here is called 'Flames') and Paul Haggis' direction to create this mini-masterpiece:

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