Thursday, 24 April 2008


Relentless have a slick new site and viral vid. At the moment I can't find out whose work it is (Obviously Coke, but I am talking about the digital agency).

I just like the way it's dressed up as some dark medieval potion for the elite operator requiring of more energy than the average serf. The logo font looks fresh off the Gutenberg press. The whole feel reminds me a bit of the Thief games.

The video is a beautiful blend of modern (the clothes, the freerunning, the architecture) and the old (the classical artwork, the end shot of the columns, the black rearing horse statue and Mozart's Requiem).

I also really love the vid's focus on the empty morning. This little look into an unexplored time of the day reminds me of VW's Night Driving ad, where the focus is a few hours earlier:

(Dylan Thomas read by Richard Burton and Don't Blow It by Cliff Martinez. By DDB)

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